It’s about the images

I’ve never been much of an equipment geek, well, not new fancy equipment anyway. I not one for lusting after the latest camera, I don’t particularly care if one 3k lens can out perform some other 3k lens – I’ll never be able to afford them anyway. Ultimately photography should be about the images and the visual skill of the photographer whether they’re using a fancy Phase back or a second hand 35mm Practica. Of course photographers will always go on about their cameras, probably in an attempt to justify the huge amount of money they’ve spent on them!

I use a number of cameras and I do take pleasure in finding an old lens that performs perfectly well for my needs (this weeks find: a Tokina 28mm for £20 on Ebay), but I’m so sick of hearing about everyone elses camera equipment and how great it is. I’ve decided I’m not going to be mentioning mine again on here. From now on I won’t be mentioning what camera my images are made with – after all, the most important piece of camera equipment is the photographer’s brain.

Here are a few image I produced last weekend on a lovely walk around Millington Woods with Paul ‘Done That’ Moon and Tim Parkin.

millington woods 09.12.13

millington woods 09.12.13 millington woods 09.12.13 millington woods 09.12.13

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One comment on “It’s about the images
  1. Nigel Morton says:

    Lovely work as ever. The magenta and green tones make me want to reach for my 1980’s 3d glasses. Hope you are well. Nigel

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