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Getting back on the bike

Gardom's Edge birch

It’s been a while… life had gone a bit wrong to be honest, and as a consequence I had neither the time or the desire to pick up a camera. For the past two years (at least) I’ve been a photographer on a hiatus. It’s been interesting, being an ex-photographer – I’ve still had a passing interest in what’s been going on landscape photography wise, still paying the occasional visit to Twitter and Read more ›

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It’s about the images

millington woods 09.12.13

I’ve never been much of an equipment geek, well, not new fancy equipment anyway. I not one for lusting after the latest camera, I don’t particularly care if one 3k lens can out perform some other 3k lens – I’ll never be able to afford them anyway. Ultimately photography should be about the images and the visual skill of the photographer whether they’re using a fancy Phase back or a Read more ›

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I recently wrote an article for On Landscape in which I rambled on about photography projects, you can read it here (although you will need to subscribe to see it I’m afraid. Following on from that, today I actually completed my first ever project – if you’ve read the article you’ll have realised I’m not really disciplined enough to actual finish the projects I start. The reason I’ve managed to Read more ›

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Autumn in The Lake District

above and below

In what is becoming an annual event, I spent last week in the Lake District with fellow photographers Paul Mitchell, Alistair Ross, Roger Longden and a flying visit from John Irvine. Despite fears of apocalyptic wind and rain the weather was actually reasonably kind to use with a good mix of sun and showers. All didn’t go completely swimmingly though – my favourite lens started sticking at anything slower than Read more ›

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Stop, Padley Time

Padley Gorge, October 1013

Well it’s gotten to that time of year when Padley Gorge gets infested with tripods (or “Padleygeddon” as My friend Alastair Ross coined it). It’s no surprise as the couple of miles alongside Burbage Brook provide some of the most wonderful woodland in the Peak District. Most tripods can be found gathered around the brook itself (autumn leaves on foreground rock with misty water surrounding it anyone?). I must admit, Read more ›

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Goodbye Summer

Overhanding River Derwent

Well quite a summer it’s been… My book, which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about, has met with universally great reviews (we’ll ignore the one from the boy at Amateur Photographer for now…) and all the luxury and standard editions have sold out. I must say I’ve been generally moved by all the great things people have been saying about the book and my work, I realise misty Read more ›

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‘With Trees’ – my book has arrived!

With Trees by Dav Thomas

Today is the day – the lorry arrived at my publisher’s with a couple of pallets full of books, they’re now stacked neatly on shelves and said publisher seems to have escaped without any lasting back problems. So soon our pre-orders will be leaving and landing with you, well, it will if you’ve pre-ordered it! It’s been a process that’s taken about 7 months – from agreeing to go ahead Read more ›

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‘With Trees’ Now available to pre-order

with trees book by Dav Thomas

My forthcoming book, With Trees, is now available to pre-order at I have now finalised the specification for the book – and I’m pleased to announce that we are now producing the book using stochastic printing. ‘Brilliant!’ I hear you cry – ‘what’s stochastic printing?!’ Well, rather than using a tradition CMYK screen, stochastic uses a random arrangement of dots which results in a printed image which is closer to photograph Read more ›

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Challenging Lake District visit

Beyond the trees, Lake District

I had a few days away in February with some other photographers in the quirky Manasty Cottages in the Lake District (beware the electric bill!). All in all it wasn’t brilliant photography wise, it could have been so good but the snow just wouldn’t  play ball so I was restricted to just a handful of shots. I normally visualise my photos and that’s the way they stay, I’m reasonably good at interpreting a Read more ›

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My book ‘With Trees’ will be out in July!

With Trees, book by landscape photographer Dav Thomas

I mentioned briefly in my December blog post that my first (and maybe only!) book ‘With Trees’ will be coming out this year. It gives me great pleasure to let you know some details about it and show you a preview of how it will look. I wanted the book to be a little larger than the normal; it will be 270mm x 345mm, not the most economical size to Read more ›

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Do you think any less of me?

snow and beech leaves

I struggle to get out to the Peak District in the snow, the issue being a car that generally only travels sideways in such conditions, and a house that sits on top of one of Sheffield’s infamous hills which results in snow levels at least twice as extreme as a mile away down the hill. One day I’ll have that T25 Syncro I lust after and I’ll be free! So Read more ›

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Moon over Ramsley Moor

Moon over Ramsley Moor

It’s been a while since I processed any film but this week I got a couple of batches of neg film in the processor. Whilst I spend the next few weeks going through them and touching out all the dust (negs are seems to be so much worse than positives for this – so much dust – I blame the cat!), here is the first image I’ve processed to a Read more ›

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