• Baslow Bar Dawn by landscape photographer, Dav Thomas

  • Baslow Bulrushes by Dav Thomas

  • Bolehill Quarry Dawn by landscape photographer, Dav Thomas

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Getting back on the bike

Gardom's Edge birch

It’s been a while… life had gone a bit wrong to be honest, and as a consequence I had neither the time or the desire to pick up a camera. For the past two years (at least) I’ve been a photographer on a hiatus. It’s been interesting, being an ex-photographer – I’ve still had a passing interest in what’s been going on landscape photography wise, still paying the occasional visit to Twitter and Read more ›

It’s about the images

millington woods 09.12.13

I’ve never been much of an equipment geek, well, not new fancy equipment anyway. I not one for lusting after the latest camera, I don’t particularly care if one 3k lens can out perform some other 3k lens – I’ll never be able to afford them anyway. Ultimately photography should be about the images and the visual skill of the photographer whether they’re using a fancy Phase back or a Read more ›



I recently wrote an article for On Landscape in which I rambled on about photography projects, you can read it here (although you will need to subscribe to see it I’m afraid. Following on from that, today I actually completed my first ever project – if you’ve read the article you’ll have realised I’m not really disciplined enough to actual finish the projects I start. The reason I’ve managed to Read more ›

News & Events

My book, With Trees is now available to order at www.withtrees.co.uk  

with trees book by Dav Thomas

I am one of 10 top nominated artists in this year’s [Framed] Awards under the category ‘Film Photographer of the Year. The winner will be announced at the awards event in Las Vegas in March. Find out more here: framedawards.com


I run Triplekite Publishing with fellow photographer David Breen, producing quality landscape photography books: www.triplekite.co.uk

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